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Hand Shadows To Be Thrown Upon The Wall, by Henry Bursill

Вы когда нибудь пытались делать собачку тенями от пальцев рук?


I need not explain how these Shadows were suggested, to any one who has seen
WILKIE'S picture, "The Rabbit on the Wall." But by what pains they were invented
can never be revealed; for it is known to my tortured digits alone, and they,
luckily for me, are dumb. I calculate that I put my ten fingers through hundreds
of various exercises before my "Bird" took wing; my left little finger thrills
at the memory of "Grandpapa"; and my thumbs gave in no less than twenty times
before "Boy" was accomplished. Yet now how easy it is to make the "Duck" to
quack, the "Donkey" to bray, "Toby" to wag his tail, and the "Rabbit" to munch
his unsubstantial meal.

Of course the Shadows are not to be reproduced
perfectly, on "one trial only"; but I believe that in each case I have drawn the
due position of the fingers with such care, that the most difficult subject may
be accomplished after a few minutes; nor need ingenious youth or parental
fondness confine their endeavours to the sketches contained in this book. With a
little ingenuity and some patience, new shadows may be produced; and not
unfrequently figures appear that one never dreamed of attempting.

Books of Shadows have been published; but it will be seen at a glance that mine
bears affinity to none. Some of my sketches were made years ago, others when a
student at the Academy. Indeed, the Shadows have often been displayed on the
walls of my studio, much to the amusement of fellow-students, who would, I am
sure, at any time bear witness to their originality.


December, 1858.

@ Project Gutenberg

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