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Rokuro Taniuchi 3 (forgotten Japanese illustrator)

Rokuro Taniuchi 19
This is my third post of work by Rokuro Taniuchi. Here's what I said last time:
I discovered the incredible Japanese illustrator Rokuro Taniuchi (1921 - 1981) while searching for Tadanori Yokoo books. On the Amazon listing for this profusely-illustrated book -- Taniuchi Rokuro Gensouki (Shinshindo, 1981) -- Yokoo is listed as the editor. The book seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth, and I feel incredibly lucky to have found it. Through some creative googling of Japanese characters, I did manage to dig up an archive. Comparing the book to this site, I discovered that many of the images were originally made for the Weekly Shincho. I think others must surely be illustrations for children's books. The artist dated some of the works: late 40s / early 50s.
And here's a link to the second post.
Rokuro Taniuchi 19.1
Rokuro Taniuchi 19.2 Rokuro Taniuchi 25 Rokuro Taniuchi 22 Rokuro Taniuchi 21 Rokuro Taniuchi 20 Rokuro Taniuchi 26 Rokuro Taniuchi 24 Rokuro Taniuchi 28
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