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Rokuro Taniuchi 2

Rokuro Taniuchi 1
This is my second post of work by Rokuro Taniuchi. Here's what I said last time:
I discovered the incredible Japanese illustrator Rokuro Taniuchi (1921 - 1981) while searching for Tadanori Yokoo books. On the Amazon listing for this profusely-illustrated book -- Taniuchi Rokuro Gensouki (Shinshindo, 1981) -- Yokoo is listed as the editor. The book seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth, and I feel incredibly lucky to have found it. Through some creative googling of Japanese characters, I did manage to dig up an archive. Comparing the book to this site, I discovered that many of the images were originally made for the Weekly Shincho. I think others must surely be illustrations for children's books. The artist dated some of the works: late 40s / early 50s.
Rokuro Taniuchi 2 Rokuro Taniuchi 3 Rokuro Taniuchi 4 Rokuro Taniuchi 5 Rokuro Taniuchi 6 Rokuro Taniuchi 7 Rokuro Taniuchi 8 Rokuro Taniuchi 9

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